We optimize product development processes, product manufacturing processes, quality management processes, introduction of advanced manufacturing equipment, and testing equipment.ensure the safety and reliability of our products.

                  And all this is dictated by the rules of quality: quality of the company system with its ISO9001 certification; product quality guaranteed by many international certifying bodies; Quality is at the centre of what we do.

                  Three No Principles

                  No manufacturing
                  unqualified products
                  No accepting
                  unqualified products
                  Not out of
                  unqualified products

                  ZANNX's Quality Assurance System

                  Equipment management
                  Mold, tool management
                  lathe tools, tool management
                  Error proof method application
                  Blank, processing, finished product inspection and recording
                  SPC and process capability
                  Monitoring and measuring equipment management
                  Non-conforming product identification, isolation and management
                  Quality problem containment
                  Logistics warehousing and turnover
                  Operator capability management
                  Standardized operation
                  Engineering change management
                  Quality information management
                  Quality rectification

                  Testing Equipment

                   Three coordinates
                   3D scanning
                   Swing detector
                   Hardness tester

                  If you need help, Professional Product Customization Contact me.

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