About US

                  LEADING PARTNER IN components for cars, motorbikes Etc

                  Zannx founded in 2006,specializes in the design, development and production of components for cars, motorbikes, industrial vehicles and machinery,and for the OE market,after-market and racing. We provides premium quality components and aluminium casting to the world's leading manufacturers and the aftermarket.

                  The modern company premises,Modern productive plants,specialised development and testing laboratories, to make up an international industrial pole of sheer excellence in the sector.

                  Our company has hundreds of independent research and development products and has obtained more than 100 national patents.

                  we supply reliable products, services and solutions – on schedule, in premium quality, and with a convincing price-performance ratio. We know our customers and their markets. We invest in relevant technological innovations, We are a reliable partner – that is our pledge.

                  COMPANY PHILOSOPHY

                  Cooperation and innovation and win-win.
                  We only produce products with zero defects
                  Customer value is the only reason we exist
                  All efforts only for you to continue to move

                  If you need help, Professional Product Customization Contact me.

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